Fred Rister: Death of the composer after nine cancers, David Guetta in tears

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The composer died on August 20, 2019 at the age of 58, at Tourcoing Hospital, as David Guetta told AFP. Fred Rister had decided tostop any treatment in 2017, having faced nine cancers. "I had cravings for suicide. I was at the bottom, he had confided at Figaro last November.

"She was the most loyal person I have ever met, and they are so rare in this world, so talented, humble, generous and discreet, said David Guetta to AFP. Beyond his talent, he was really someone of a rare kindness."

The famous 51-year-old French DJ also expressed his deep sadness on Instagram: "Today, someone very special for me is gone. @fredristermusic and I shared the most important and the most beautiful moments of my life by producing titles as I Gotta a Feeling who stayed 16 weeks number one in the United StatesMemories or When Love Takes Over. (…) I remember every moment, choosing chords together, working on drum sounds for hours, learning together and everyone. (…) I feel very lonely at this moment, crying in my bed, but I guess it's better because his cancer was extremely painful. Rest in peace my friend, I will continue to play our music and think of you all the time. "

Cathy Guetta, theex-wife of David Guetta, also expressed, posting a comment following this poignant message. "Fred Rister was kindness, kindness, generosity, simplicity, humility, faithfulness, kindness. A crazy music lover, a passionate creator who made him work tirelessly. What happiness for me to see Fred so happy with you David, his friend and accomplice during all these beautiful years. Enjoy with indescribable joy this moment of grace from the beginning of your planetary success. This wonderful association and your rare friendship will have lasted until today. I'm sad, deeply sad to know you're gone. You will stay forever in our hearts", released the queen of Ibiza nights.

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