Celine Dion: Necklace SM and fur, a new eccentric shoot

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"I'm not the one we believe"sang Celine Dion in 2007 on the unfairly sulked disc D'elles. In recent years, the star is only proving it by going where we do not expect, especially on the land of fashion. The diva poses so for a new shooting eccentric for the magazine CR autumn-winter edition 2019.

Invited by Carine Roitfeld to pose for the 15th edition of its fashion magazine, which will be available in the kiosks on September 5, CĂ©line Dion has once again largely lent to the game by agreeing to put on bold outfits and posing in such a way offset – photos made in Paris last June. The 51-year-old singer can be seen at the top of the Eiffel Tower, shot with a lens fish eye, in a ready-to-wear outfit from Gucci. The interpreterAnother night pose, melancholy air, adorned with an imposing leather collar and metal pins, accessory SM!

On two other photos, Celine Dion poses in black tutu and satin tights from Saint Laurent, photographed against a dive … "Five years ago, I would never have left a photographer [the[leshooting was directed by Valentin Herfray, Editor's note] approach to the level of my kneecaps. Who could have gone under my tutu? Nobody. Really nobody except my husband. But finally, I said to myself, 'Come on, we do it!'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' Finally, the star also appears holding two Weimaraners on a leash, wearing awesome burgundy boots, an anthracite midi skirt Cheetah style fur coat.

Conscious of the unexpected evolution of his fashion style For three years now, Celine Dion has been laughing at the critics of the sorrowful spirits who do not accept that she has dusted off her image. "I'm looking for clothes that make me feel sexy, approachable, fierce, nervous, glamorous, fun… I'm crazy about clothes. They help me to express who I am, as if I were borrowing characters. (…) They are like songs. I do not just do ballads, I also have faster songs"This new look, first of all, must come from her," she said. his former stylist Law Roach and now to his inescapable friend Pepe Munoz who works in collaboration with Sydney Lopez.

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