Booba, shootings when shooting a clip: He laughs at the situation

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Drama in Aulnay-sous-Bois. It is in this commune of Hauts-de-Seine that Booba was filming his last clip, August 20, 2019. While the 42-year-old rapper had left the scene, a fifteen armed persons have landed, attacking the technical team of the artist in this abandoned warehouse, decor of the clip. After firing, the attackers also armed with baseball bats started to hit the staff of the rapper.

According to Europe 1 and BFMTV, the attackers fired "four times towards the manager of Booba, who collapsed"Her life-threatening condition would not be engaged, but a victim in her 30s was hospitalized after beingseveral ballAt least three people, including the director of the clip, were injured but their days would not be in danger.The police failed to arrest suspects at the scene of cases struck with 9mm caliber bullets. a blank cartridge and a 9 mm cartridge were found on site and an investigation was opened by the Bobigny public prosecutor's office.

Kaaris mixed with the case?

After the announcement of this brutal assault, causing injuries, Booba seized his Instagram account, reacting in his own way to these events. Sitting in what appears to be a luxury car, TV screen displaying the BFMTV headband: "Booba: Shootout during a clip", the artist grunts."Aaaaarmand", we hear, is the real name of his eternal rival, Kaaris. A friend sitting next to him jokes loudly, while the rapper goes on: "It's good all this"A reaction on the tone of humor quite disconcerting, since some of his relatives are potentially injured.At the moment, Kaaris has not yet reacted.

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